Life doesn’t always bring what we expect of it. More frequently than not it’s like a sinuous path with unexpected bends and ascents.
Life itself challenges us to question ourselves, to adapt or not, to accept or to fight…
Life is one big movement and as such seems to demand that we ourselves keep moving as well, not just in the physical sense of the word, but also concerning our personality, our look out on life, our attitudes towards so many people and things.

Sometimes we feel somewhat lost in this continuous changing process. We are confronted with questions and feelings arise that make us uncomfortable.

It is not a coincidence that the symbol chosen for this practice is : the sign of everlasting change, the symbol of the I-Tsjing, an old Chinese oracle book. Change is inherent to life. When no harm is being inflicted, no change or choice is inherently good or bad, provided that we remain faithful to ourselves, to our own nature. Change is not something that can be brought about in a jiffie, because we think of it. Change requires an often sustained effort.

During the sessions I therefore strive to bring to the fore these sometimes difficult or painful feelings that announce themselves, because I am confident and convinced that being capable of looking at oneself can lead to significant change in the way we deal with ourselves and our lives.
This means that I engage myself, but that I also expect commitment.

This search is a very personal matter and strongly dependent on your expectations. It is therefore essential that we check whether or not our mutual expectations meet. Research has shown just how important a feeling of personal ‘agreement’ between counselor and client is for a successful working relationship. If this feeling is not present, I insist on helping you to find the psychologist that will ‘fit’ you.

My professional background can be summarized as follows: I am a clinical psychologist, specialized in adults (KULeuven, erkenningsnummer 602, 105, 919 – visumnummer 263863) and a counselor in client centered and Gestalt therapy (FMS, Turnhout).
I keep ‘moving’ with regular intervision (discussions with colleagues), literature and seminars. I spent several years of my career in the business world and this has helped me greatly to be able to understand the demands of the life style most of us have to face nowadays.


Norolim is a private practice (ON 0871 658 826). I do never answer the phone during consultations, because this is too disrupting. It is best to try and phone me between 16h00 and 20h00 on the number mentioned below:
(0476) 611 316 An SMS can obviously be sent at any time. I check these messages between sessions and will ring you back as soon as possible.

You can also contact me by email:

Address: Dennenlaan 10, 3040 Huldenberg.
The practice is within easy reach from Overijse, Hoeilaart and Tervuren. Leuven is about twenty minutes away in the car.

Who for?

Individual sessions

  • Adults (+18).
  • Individual and couples.
  • Language groups: Dutch, English, exceptionally French.

Workshops (see further)

  • Young people as from 12 years, in groups of maximum 10.
  • Adults in groups of maximum 10.

Type of problems

The type of problems people have brought to the practice is very diverse. Therefore a list can never be complete. Problems that do recur often are burn-out, depression, personal growth (feeling ‘stuck’), questions about meaning in life, problems associates with certain life phases, loss and bereavement, traumatic events, assertiveness, self-confidence and anxiety and fear.


Of water and clay people – assertively against/for who?  

This workshop consists of two sessions of an hour and a half with a quarter of an hour break.
The aim of it is to help participants to gain better self-knowledge and knowledge of others. This ‘exploration’ is offered in an easy to understand fashion, so that it is also suitable for younger people.
From the obtained insights in self and others the workshop moves on to related topics, such as the thin line between aggressiveness and assertiveness, professions and life style choices, self respect and self confidence.
In order to let participants profit fully of this workshop, it is best that they know each other already in another context (e.g. school surroundings, youth group, organization of any kind, company,…).
These workshops are only organized during weekdays (not evenings). Dates are planned in advance. One workshop costs 200 euro for the group (excl. VAT and traveling costs).
It is necessary to discuss in advance who will be responsible for possible further follow-up of all participants.


Ethical rules of the profession  

A psychologist must stick to a number of rules, among which the confidentiality duty. This means that whatever the psychologist learns during his contact with you can not be communicated to third parties (e.g. family members, doctors, employers), unless you yourself authorize this explicitly.
Because Norolim is a private practice, third parties can obviously not have access to any files.
The full deontological code for psychologists can be consulted on the website of the Belgian federation of psychologists (

Duration of a session

A session lasts approximately fifty minutes. The first conversation can last somewhat longer because there is a lot of information to be exchanged from both sides.

Making and canceling appointments

You can make an appointment at your own initiative or you can come because you were so advised by another health care worker. Consultation of and contact with your GP can be desirable. However, such contacts are only established with your explicit approval, esp. regarding the content of that communication.
If you wish to cancel an appointment, you must do so at least 48 hours beforehand, by phone or by SMS. Appointments that were not cancelled in due time will have to be paid. The sessions are paid in cash at the end of each session.

Make an appointment  

All data you need to make an appointment are under the heading ‘contact’ (see higher).


As off 1st january 2023 70 euro per session – 80 euro per session as from 19h00